Back To Natives Restoration
Back to Natives connects the community to habitat restoration through service learning and native plant education. We assist in the recovery of Orange County’s biodiversity through the restoration of open spaces, and the development of habitat gardens. Our environmental education programs educate students and community members about the importance of native plants and biodiversity.

Cardborigami provides temporary, transitional shelter and connections to social services to help get people off the streets. They bridge the gap between design and humanity by attracting attention to social issues such as homelessness through design.

The Children's Nature Institute
The Children's Nature Institute opens young minds to the living world. Since 1985, CNI has provided hands-on educational programs tailored specifically for the children of Los Angeles, reaching more than 15,000 kids a year and underserved youth at over 100 inner-city schools and shelters.

Claire’s Place Foundation
Claire’s Place Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization designed to help children and families affected by Cystic Fibrosis.Claire’s Place Foundation is named in honor of Claire Wineland, now a teenager, who has been living with cystic fibrosis her entire life.

Community Services Unlimited
Community Services Unlimited fosters the creation of communities actively working to address the inequalities and systemic barriers that make sustainable communities and self-reliant life-styles unattainable.
Ecofficiency helps to better understand the structure behind positively impacting consumer systems, thus providing a more refined understanding of sustainability.

Everybody Solar
Everybody Solar’s mission is to protect the environment & strengthen U.S. communities through solar energy projects.

FishWise promotes the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems by providing innovative market-based tools to the seafood industry. We support sustainability through environmentally responsible business practices.

Planet Rehab
We are losing 137 species a day, 54 million acres of Rain Forest a year and our oceans are being turned into Plastic Soup! Planet Rehab is deeply committed to protecting the Earth and her fragile ecosystems.

The Relational Center
The Relational Center’s mission is to reverse the harms of social isolation. The Relational Center helps individuals, families, neighborhoods and organizations to build skills for relationship.

Tiny Loving Canines (TLC)
TLC is a small-dog rescue group located in Simi Valley, Ca dedicated to the rescue and placement of our dogs in "furever" homes. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home the abandoned and neglected dogs, saving them from certain death in the local shelters.