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Who Are We?
At Solar for Charity, our Principals are active on the boards of various community organizations and understand how traditional fundraisers such as elaborate dinners or events can take up a lot of time and resources.

That's why Wingman Advertising and SocialBling partnered up to increase non-profit giving while simultaneously stimulating environmental progress.

Solar for Charity was launched and Verengo Solar, one of Southern California's largest solar companies has agreed to participate in our program.

Together we can help your charity while harnessing the power of the sun to save money.

Take one hour to learn about solar for your home and $100 goes to a charity of your choice.

Please complete the form below. A solar expert will contact you to schedule an in-home appointment. During your appointment you will receive printed reports based on your utility bills and tax incentives. Upon completion of the appointment; you will understand how to save money with solar, will be able to make an informed decision about solar options and will be helping a worthy cause. No obligation required.

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